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Greetings and welcome to our first update!

We want to announce some of the confirmed happenings at our inaugural conference, give the address and times of the event(s), as well as pass along some hotel information for people who need to arrange housing.

First and foremost, THANK YOU to everyone who submitted papers and/or panels for the conference. The response was overwhelming, to say the least. Right now, we have confirmed panels and workshops on:

-Anarchist Studies
-Anarchist(s) (in) Political Organizations
-Anarchism and Philosophy
-Challenging Anarchist Perspectives on Environmental Justice
-Collective participatory action-research
-“Unbridgeable Chasms”
-Queering Anarchism
-Anarchist Economics
-Anarchism and Religion

In addition to these, we have over thirty separate papers and short presentations to organize into brownbag sessions as best we can. Please be patient with us as we put the schedule together over the next week or two!

As well, Saturday night, a local ad hoc, radical theater troupe will be doing a production of “Emma”, the play by Howard Zinn about the life of Emma Goldman. This will be at the conference location at 7pm sharp, so expect the conference to run on time (and, likewise, expect panel and workshop moderators to be strict about time limits!). And on Sunday evening after the development of the network and associated projects (in which everyone is free to participate), we will be showing “The Free Voice of Labor”, a film about Jewish anarchism in the US.

We will be starting things off Saturday morning with a plenary talk by Barry Pateman at 9am, then moving through the conference schedule (which we’re still working out).

So, the hours for the conference are as follows:

November, 21st, Saturday: 9am-5pm
November 22nd, Sunday: 10am-5pm

The location of the conference is:

21 Charter Oak Ave.
Hartford, Connecticut

Vendors and tabling organizations are encouraged to be there one hour early to allow for set up time.

Again, conference attendance is free (though we will ask for donations to cover costs). And, importantly, this is NOT limited to professional scholars and the network is NOT intended to be a professional association of academics (though we hope for the involvement of academics!).

Please remember to leave organizational or individual disputes at home. This should be a safe space for free inquiry and dialogue, as free from sectarianism and personal attacks as we can make it.


The Conference Organizers

Here is a brief list of hotels in the area and close to the conference site:

Days Inn Hartford–Brainard Road
Phone number: 860-247-3297
Aprox. rates: $70/night
Distance from conference: 2.7 miles

Marriott downtown
Phone number: 860-249-8000
Aprox. rates: $159/night
Distance from conference: .62 miles

Super 8 Hartford
Phone number: 860-246-8888
Aprox. rates: $40-80/night
Distance from conference: .8 miles

Phone number: 860-728-5151
Aprox. rates: $109/night
Distance from conference: .8 miles

Crowne Plaza, Hartford Downtown
Phone number: 860-549-2400
Aprox. rates: $104/night
Distance from conference: .87 miles


7 Responses to “Conference Information”

  1. Meg Says:

    Do individuals or organizations interested in tabling need to register beforehand to reserve space?

  2. Jasmin Says:

    When will the actual schedule be released? Those of us speaking/presenting needs to know! 🙂

  3. Raphael Rodriguez Says:

    This conference is just what I need, just when I needed it. I have been studying anarchist theory for some time now and I have had so many questions regarding how to approach its practice(s). I’m hoping this event will be able to answer some of my concerns and perhaps, maybe, help me develop a productive form of expression for my interest in advocating anarchism.

  4. Abbey Volcano Says:

    Meg- our table space is limited, doubt we have anymore, but feel free to bring stuff and try to find some space- there will probably be room, but maybe not on a table 🙂

  5. Abbey Volcano Says:

    Jasmin- the schedule will be out in the next couple of days- we’re just finalizing it now- but it will be subject to change. Thanks for being so patient, everyone!

  6. Ann Says:

    Looks like a great event. Kudos to you for the hard work

  7. Christopher Says:

    Will the papers presented be available as texts? Will they be made available, say, via this website for those who may regretfully miss the event?

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